Olive Green Wedding Decor Ideas

When planning a wedding, determining the wedding colors is crucial to creating a cohesive theme for your event. 

Whether you have decided that olive green is going to be your primary wedding color or one of many, this post is for you! Review our selections below and let us know which colors you'd like us to cover next! 

Satin Olive Green Bow Tie & Olive Green Suspenders Set

three groomsmen wear satin olive bow ties and olive suspenders and toast with champagne

Make your wedding pictures pop with our satin olive bow tie & olive suspenders set. Our pre-tied, 5-star rated bow ties are the perfect addition to your groom and groomsmen outfits. They'll perfectly tie in your olive green wedding decor. 


Olive Branch Wedding Invitations

olive branch customizable digital wedding invitations on Etsy

One of the best parts about being a bride in the digital age is a majority of the beautiful invitations online are fully customizable to be exactly what you need to welcome your loved ones to share in your special day. There are a wide array of digital options, especially on Etsy. I've included our favorite option pictured and linked above from Etsy shop Minty Paperie Shop.

Olive Branch Centerpieces

Olive branch wedding table centerpieces

The olive branch is a symbol of peace and friendship, which makes it a perfect addition to your wedding. This simple arrangement made by Lee Floral Designs is a gorgeous statement piece on each of your reception tables. With taller branches, your guests will be able to see and converse with each other from across the tables, while still enjoying the elegance of your olive green centerpieces. 


Olive Green Necktie for Grooms and Groomsmen

Olive Necktie for Weddings Groomsman Gift Groomsman image 2

If a long necktie is closer to your groomsmen's style, then our olive green neckties are the perfect option. If you're looking to mix and match, then you can pair our olive cotton neckties with our olive cotton bow ties

Olive Oil Reception Guest Favors

Olive oil party favors with rosemary for a European themed olive green wedding

Send your wedding guests home with the perfect finishing touch of rosemary-infused olive oil. They will think of your special day the next time they cook a meal. These beautifully packaged olive oil favors on the Etsy shop, Melirritos Gaia.


Olive Green Bridesmaids Dresses 

A bridesmaid wears an olive green dress in a wedding photo with a cream and eucalyptus bouquet

The Kaia Chiffon Dress from Revelry is a gorgeous way to incorporate your olive green theme into your bridal party's outfits. Our olive green bow ties and neckties match their olive selection and make matching your entire wedding party a breeze.